Create A Custom Facebook Page Tab with Reasonable FanClub

Are you looking for a creative way to power-pack your FB fan page design for better performance?

Get Started with FanClub:

Reasonable FanClub is a powerful free Facebook app that integrates the most popular online editor in the world into your Facebook fan page. This free Facebook app offers a revolutionary way to create custom fan page tab. In addition to being compatible with all currently supported operating systems and browsers, the FanClub visual editor also has some new features, including more editing area and visual table creation and editing.

1. Add FanClub to Your Fan Page

Please click here to Add Reasonable FanClub to your FB fan page. Or, use Facebook search function to find "Reasonable FanClub".

Add Resonable FanClub to Fan Page

2. Edit Your Fan Page Content

You will find FanClub in the Views and Apps area. Click "Reasonable FanClub" icon to reach the editing page.

Add Resonable FanClub to Fan Page

Click "Edit Fan Page" link to set up your business fan page contents.

Add Resonable FanClub to Fan Page

Custom default contents:

Your default content should have a call to action where it tells the viewers to click Like, possibly by using something like an incentive, discount, or exclusive content.

Add Resonable FanClub to Fan Page

Custom revealed contents:

Your revealed content should provide your new fans with whatever you were offering, such as something to download, a discount code, or a link to the exclusive content. You might also want to thank people for liking your page.

Add Resonable FanClub to Fan Page

Ticking "Post to fan's wall" check box will allow you to post message, picture, name, and link to your fan's wall.

Post to Fan's Wall

If you have a Spread account, you can tick "Save email address and profile to Spread" check box, and enter your Spread login user name and password to allow FanClub to capture and save your fan's email address and profile into your Spread.
Note: Email addresses and profile are stored to contact list called “Facebook fans” by default.

Save Email Address

Click "Save" button to publish your new fan page design.

3. Capture Your Fan's Email Address and Profile Info

When people first visit your Fan Page and click Reasonable FanClub tab, they can see your default page contents like this:

Default Fan Page

When they click "Like" button, they will be prompted below window:

Request for Permission

When they click "Go to App" button, they will be prompted below window:

Request for Permission

Once they click Allow button, they will become your fans, and they will be able to see your revealed page contents. Besides, their email address will automatically go to your Spread contact lis.

Reavealed Page

Need a tailor-made Facebook fan page and a free Spread account to store fan data and send triggered emails? Please ask for quote.

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